Why should I make a Maternity Photo Session?

November 14, 2020

Even if you don’t think a Maternity session is necessary, I tell you: You will miss that lovely bump! Also when you are not a fan of it, you don’t think you look good at this point, trust me, if you trust a professional to create this memory for you, you will not only be able to look yourself from someone else’s different perspective but you will treasure that important moment of your story forever through photography.

This is why you should not miss the opportunity and rely on your mind for the memories of this time. Memories fade away, photography is what will keep them everlasting.

I would like to share that often I get mommies that come to me and are not confident one could make good pictures of them. I specially love to show them they are completely wrong about this idea. I see beauty in them and when photographing them I wish to show them how beautiful and unique they are. I have that in my heart and I like to say you can see a photographer´s heart through the pictures it makes.

I love, care and find all mothers beautiful! My work is to borrow my eyes, my perspective and my mission is to make them feel beautiful and love the pictures of this precious moment they will get to keep.

Maternity is such an important moment is a woman’s life. A miracle is taking place and a life being formed right inside of you. Your body is a sacred place, a life giver, a life carrier, a life protecter until this life is completely formed and ready to come out to this world. Your body changes are fascinating and that big bump is BEAUTIFUL and full of magic happening inside. Take pride of it, don’t be too harsh on your body, be kind to it. If you love and respect your body, your body will love you back.

Lovely mommies, I am at your disposal if you need help and a more gentle eye who looks and gives you a different perspective and self perception. Just don’t miss the chance to photograph this moment, I promise you: You will not regret!