Mateus – Newborn 30 days old

November 14, 2020

I photographed Mateus when he was still inside of his mommy’s belly. I have to tell you that it is amazing to start the connection and accompany as family photographer starting with that charming baby bump. With Polly, Ivo and Mateus was no different. I felt connected and we had such a lovely shooting experience that I couldn’t wait to soon see and photograph their little precious Mateus.

So Mateus came, arrived on the 12th of September, with 53 cm, 3.720 Kg Because of some special care and check ups Mateus had to get in his first weeks of life it was not possible for us to do his newborn photo session earlier than when he was 30 days old.

Usually newborns are best photographed between 5 and 14 days because that’s when they are mostly deep sleeping. After that, babies are more awake and move more which can make posing a bit challenging.

Mateus however was so good. He allowed me to wrap him up, resisted sleeping at first because he was very interested about the surroundings. That was not a problem, we got some shots awake with the parents and while we were doing the shots he was fell sleep and allowed us for both sleeping as well as awake shots.

After 14 days of age, newborns gain sight that’s why they become more awake and curious to explore everything around them. You will see that very clearly in Mateus shooting.

He did not complain while in the props, he was just curious and wanted to participate too. We got some lovely shots with his beautiful eyes wide open looking at us. Also Discovering and checking out his feeties. Let’s see if you find that picture below 🙂

It was a funny and lovely newborn session. Mateus did great and his parents were also an amazing support for me.

After all this was a beautiful team work with much love involved.

Hope you feel it and like the results.